In this nugget we take a look at some topics that require some previous experience with Python–experience that you now have! Finally, we provide an overview on how multi-file Python programs can be bundled into packages for easier distribution. Protecting IPv6 Networks 9. We then commence our data type deep-dive by considering the number and string types. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of

cbt nuggets oracle database 11g dba 1 1z0 052

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Once you enter the cloud, that power is yours. We also study Database Replay, which enables us to point Oracle 11g at real-world stored workloads and offer you performance tuning suggestions.

cbt nuggets oracle database 11g dba 1 1z0 052

However, you may find yourself needing to restore data from a particular tablespace without perturbing the rest of the database. Automate database backups; Manage backups, view backup reports and monitor the flash recovery area Accessing the Network and Internet We spend dagabase time learning to master the basic character, number, and date functions that you’ll be expected to understand dha the SQL Fundamentals certification exam.

Chris Ward has taken hours of research and testing and distilled it into easy-to-follow instruction. Connecting to FTP Sites. We also cover why Python is and what tools you need in order to practice your skills along with the training.

cbt nuggets oracle database 11g dba 1 1z0 052

In this course, you’ll gain SQL proficiency and be able to take control of your data. By the time we conclude this Nugget you’ll also know how to create a virtual private catalog, which enables us to granularly control access to the recovery catalog metadata store.


Finally, we finish up with a “laundry list” of strategies for customizing how Oracle builds its execution plans.

Oracle Database 11g DBA 1 1Z series- CBTNuggets ~ albtechportal

You’ll also learn about the architecture, software, and hardware. The Linux Rescue and Recovery Process. In this nugget we start with a high-level overview of the major database objects. Oracle 11g is known particularly for its adherence to the ACID properties of database transactions. This CBT Nuggets training series with Tim Warner focuses on Oracle backup and recovery, database performance tuning, optimization, and automation. Using alert log and trace files; Using data dictionary and dynamic performance views We then follow up with learning how to design and create tables, and then conclude with a consideration of the importance and use of integrity constraints in database tables and views.

Cbt Nuggets Oracle Database 11g Dba 1 1z0 78

Data Types, Part I Creating and Managing Roles. More importantly, you’ll gain an extremely useful and portable tool that will help you oacle the most of your database. This nugget serves as a nice bookend to what we covered in the previous nugget.

Greg is revered as a virtualization guru.


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This nugget serves as a nice bookend to what we covered in the previous nugget. Virtual Private Networks VPNs allow millions of remote users to safely and securely access corporate resources.

In this nugget we continue our discussion from the previous lesson. We describe Oracle Database 11g, learn how Oracle certification works, determine your best path through this training, and finally pick up important metadata concerning the 1Z test.

You can also use your new skills to move into the field of penetration testing — utilizing your CEH to test the security of your client’s systems. Finally, we learn the hows and whys of RMAN backup optimization. There is a lot of useful info in this Nugget!

Overview of Undo; Transactions and undo data; Managing undo Because you have to know the hackers’ tricks to prevent them from accessing your users. Plus, he shows you how to get crucial hands-on practice of every VPN for real-world implementation.

Using Data Pump Export and Import. Course Introduction What oeacle Oracle?