I could also complain about the wifi functionality on the Irisscan book 3 executive , but that has become a minor quibble compared to these problems. This helps a lot in covering the expenses for the next development and distribution steps! We are proud to announce the first official release of Booksorber! The project also spawned some interest from the library community. Please keep spreading the word about the project especially if you’re active in relevant internet forums or blogs – there is also a newsletter on the homepage to signup for, if you want to get no The preset value defaults to the maximum value minus one, to keep your system responsive during processing.


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See more of Booksorber on Facebook. It requires quite a bit of space on your hard-drive: Hmm, maybe the scanner is too low, i. A good choice would be to use your available memory minus MB to leave some room for other system processes.

“Booksorber” Postprocessing Software – Commercial – DIY Book Scanner

Just bokksorber for the release! To get excellent results you also have to ensure best possible quality of the raw images to be processed by Booksorber. A detailed tutorial will follow soon I created a shortcut to this file manually so that I would remember how to start the scanner the next time.

Please also have a look at the Videoor refer to the Manual for more details on the hardware setup and capture process.


Did not see anything similar. When I tried to install the driver version 1. Look here for details.


To have my books always with me makes my life as a book reader and lover much more interesting, independent and flexible. The preset value defaults to the maximum value minus one, to keep your booksorver responsive during processing.


A lot of research has gone into booksorber’s sophisticated algorithms to solve these problems within an automatic and streamlined workflow. Kirsten Winkler of www. Please read booksober short introduction in the Manual on how to take proper pictures of your book.

Many Canon Cameras especially models of the Powershot series can very easily be used with the well known alternative open-source firmware CHDKallowing to automatically take an image every X seconds as well as adding support for simple self-built remote controls or commercially available third-party remote controls like the “Ricoh CA-1”. And so I did. Download 32bit Download if you have a 32bit Operating System.


If you are looking for an alternative portable scanner, you might want to have a look at the Xcanex document scanner by piQx which I reviewed in another post.

Therefore the post-processing necessary to produce a decent ebook is very challenging.

First official release of Booksorber available NOW!

The current version is: The frame of the device is too thick so that it wont scan what is towards both ends of the sensor, i. That’s quite an annoyance So, please support the project so we will be able to get the real product out soon!


If using a camera with interchangeable lenses, a 50mm fixed focal length lens or equivalent value if not full format is often a good choice for reproduction work like this, offering good value for money. And indeed, after plugging it in, the steps above no longer produce an error message but the piece of booksoeber lying under the scanner actually shows up on my screen!

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I need to mention that I received my scanner unit for free from piqximaging. So let me give you a preliminary verdict as I said, there is more to come: Depending on your OS environment you might get an “OutOfMemory” Error upon processing larger files with default settings – please look here for the solution.

It was quite some work, and meeting deadlines always ends in a hurry, but now the Fundraising Campaign booksofber www.

Download 64bit Recommended version for 64bit Operating Systems. The first beta version will be out quite soon so all “early birds” – stay tuned. So there you go!