It’s extremely powerful, but incurs the greatest performance penalty since now all your outgoing content is checked for the presence of these special tags. It boils down again to using core parsing routines from above and not much anything else. In any case, my code is separated from the rest of Coco-R code and is marked with “My auxiliary methods” in the file CSharp. Note that by default ASP. By default when submitting form using dsp: In between acquiring and releasing lock, no other session can acquire lock on same row to update but still others can read that row. The resulting HTML contains a reference to the JavaScript code region handling and a reference to the CSS style sheet, thus these two files must be kept in the same directory with the resulting HTML files both files are provided in the source download archive.

atg colorizer

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Take a look at the machine. In between acquiring and releasing lock, no other session can acquire lock on same row to update but still others can read that row. Solution would be to use two passes, but for simplicity, I opted for one pass only.

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Current snapshot of threads which are running in JVM. Wednesday, November 9, ATG session management. Embedded C code above is inserted on a proper place, and becomes a part of the parser – for example, in the above case, your code will write “Inside a block! And because of JVM crash or normal bounce of BCC instance, currently deploying projects will go to unknown state, follow below steps to correct such type of projects. Modern development environments have spoiled me to the point that I cannot productively work in the Notepad for example, and the features I miss the most are intellisense and color coding of the source.


There is no support for C colorizzer. Because a URL-encoded session is unique per visit, multiple visits by the same search engine bot will return identical content with different URLs. How to take thread dumps and heap dumps using java tools. While being least flexible, this approach offers the best performance – all files are processed before posting to the Web.

IHttpHandler and implement one method and one property, like this:. Posted by Rajashekar Chintalapati at To generate ddl,just start the instance ignore table missing errors. Statement itself needs to be further defined as well, up to the point oclorizer all constructs of the language are described in this manner. For example, you use an enum in a method of a class, but the enum is defined after the method.

The interesting stuff happens in the Write method:. Then you build your custom Stream derived class and put it into Response.

atg colorizer

Having a handler is slightly more flexible than pre-processing a C source file, but it does incur a performance penalty – now your code is parsed each time a user accesses a C source file.

Core colorizet of the Web control is again not much more than the core parsing routine with a check if SourcePath property is set or if the control contains the embedded source.

Some symbols are not recognized properly because they are defined later.

CRS#008 – Automating ATG Server Startup & Creating .bat files

To make things easier, I added two small wrappers: I thought I knew well most of the C language constructs before I started working on the Colorizer. If the user has 2 seperate session in 2 seperate browsers, where both sessions are tied to one instance and since both session are updating same order, InvalidVersionException exceptions is thrown. Order version 4, Repository item version 9.


An exception was thrown from the context of the link named [updateCommerceItemObjects]. Second ayg describes the structure of variable declaration – it consists of one or many comma separated identifiers, followed by colon, then type of the variables, and finally a semi-colon – you get the idea. In case you have a relatively large C code snippet, fear not – I have added support for regions.

This is very convenient because additional processing you may want to do during parsing can be written in the same language tool itself is written in – C. If it is zero, you’ll find the result in the property Colorized that returns the text of the colorized code basically getting the string value of the above mentioned StringBuilder.

Package – atg-log-colorizer

ConcurrentUpdateException – Is thrown if 2 separate sessions belong to ahg different instances of same user edit same order simultaneously or if 2 applications are editing same order. But the result is a full blown C parser with formatting and coloring on top.

atg colorizer

Now all output will go through your code where cllorizer can either just pass it through or modify it. Here’s what Module implementation looks like:.