Sorry, I’m just confused. That’ll reveal a secret wall. The version of the game that Gami and Fuhiki are playing is 2. I’m stuck right after that. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I’ve played the main game like 6 times and I need a change:

ao oni 6.22

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I see something shining in one of those cells, but I’m getting the feeling thats not going to be of interest until later.

Ao Oni | Lovers Arcana Yamada Lvl99

Although, the blockmen actually make it easier in a few cases because they seem to stand still for a few seconds before they charge. It’s just one note repeated over and over again.

I’ve tried Applocale, and I’ve tried replacing and editting the Game. I think they are black or something If you go into the first room to the right on the second floor after you unscrew the screws in the domo-kun oni room, you should see a broken picture frame with a blue piece in it.

I’m actually playing the game to beta-test it: I suck at 5. I have been unable to find version 2 anywhere, though, although I have seen someone play it, and it is the same as version 1. I also can’t figure out that sliding puzzle.


Leave the cell and look through the bars at the writing on the wall. Other than that I have no idea. In addition, the 6. That’ll reveal a secret wall. I wonder if ini changed?

I remember staying on it for half an hour or longer, trying to figure it out Hell, 8-bit consoles are capable of it, you saw it all the time on 6.222 NES in racing games and games with transitions. I can’t figure it out I have absolutly no idea what I am supposed to do now.

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This site uses cookies. Ini do I do with the blue, onk, and yellow switches? After that you’ll need to go to the room with all the brown cabinets and move the 2 that are against the northmost wall to the left, which reveals a panel held up by flathead screws. If you’re talking about this door, then that’s not it.

Godmode is also fun if you really want to look at the enemy sprites I suppose, but it does take the point out of the game.

Ao Oni Version 6.22 (English) Link In The Description

I was disappointed too. You have to get another doll head from one of the rooms by inserting a blue and a red gem into its eye sockets, then stick that head into the picture convoluted I know.


ao oni 6.22

It’s sorta funny because of how lame the demon is and the reactions of the guys playing, but good lord it’s creepy. Really, if you were afraid of this thing before, you’re oin to seriously shit bricks, turn your lights on.

How old is the version you’re playing? Does anyone have any idea about the English version?

So, has anyone found 2 or 4 by any chance yet? If not, install it and then mess with the Game.

ao oni 6.22

So, i put the die in the frame, now what? If, somehow, I managed to tell you something you didn’t already know in a way that was understandable, then I download the game of Aooni from that page and guess what!