UModel includes full support for source control systems, since source control systems are a critical tool to maintain the integrity of a software development project. The diagram styling options can be changed later if necessary. Reverse Engineering from Code to Model. The UModel database diagram functionality supports multiple databases and automatically adjusts SQL dialects, data types and other specialized features based on the database type. UModel lets you generate sequence diagrams from source code files that have been reverse engineered into UML classes, an invaluable aid to analysis of complex interactions. Regardless which diagrams you create, UModel provides an unmatched visual interface and convenient features to make UML modeling easy and fun.

altova umodel

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You can also choose colors from a palette in a pull-down menu, or easily assign custom colors to elements either individually, across groups and families, or for the entire project.

altova umodel

Your description becomes pop-up unodel for the hyperlink. Links to the generated source code files are also included. Take advantage of the source code generated by UModel to accelerate the implementation phase of your project and eliminate the unintended errors that can creep into manually written code and prove time-consuming to debug later on. Model Transformation can even be applied to projects that are reverse engineered from existing source code.

For instance, an existing Java application can be reverse-engineered by UModel then transformed to generate Visual Basic classes, and many other possibilities are available. Choreographies can also be seen as a business contract between participants, where the focus lies on the exchange of information messages between the participants.


UModel includes a sample stylesheet that u,odel be the starting point for your own customized format using all the flexibility of StyleVision.

This method creates a relation of type “ComponentRealization” between a class and a component. Umovel posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

Reverse Engineering (from Code to Model)

Company News Partners Careers Legal. The UModel built-in documentation design also lets you control the appearance of project documentation by individually specifying the type style and size of each text block.

You can turn toolbar text labels on or off and you can display or hide any toolbar. Reverse Engineering from Code to Model.

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NET DocComments can also be imported as documentation for your model project. The messages window displays the syntax checks being performed and status of the synchronization process. This instructs UModel to create a new diagram umodwl each package. Profiles for C 1. UModel supports all SysML diagrams and extensions:.

altova umodel

UModel supports integration with Eclipse versions 4. The top-level project, i. To ensure code quality, UModel includes a model syntax checker to detect diagram errors or inconsistencies before they are replicated downstream in code.

Or, independent teams may initiate new UModel project files that altoav later be combined as subprojects under a new main project. Version r3sp1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. Reviews Current version All versions. This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of the UML. As an embedded system receives inputs and produces output, its internal operations and states can be opaque.


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altoba You can easily import an entire relational database in a single step, or choose only the tables in the database that are relevant to your project, to model data structures along with your software application. Choreography diagrams specify the way business participants coordinate their interactions. In addition to UModel, the Altova MissionKit download will provide you with the optimal evaluation experience, since it contains the entire line of Altova developer tools.

altova umodel

Each element can be assigned to a specific layer, and layers can be locked to prevent changes. Create Operations in Referenced Classes.

Specialized UModel Features

UModel includes support for a high level automation interface and a low level API that gives direct access to application functionality and the UML data tree. NET code and project documentation. Advertisements or commercial links.

You can import a single directory, a directory tree, or an entire project, and you can choose to merge the imported code into an existing UModel project, or create a new one.