Get Admiror Gallery v5. Easy to install and setup. But, if You cannot find any suitable template, it’s possible to create Your own templates using Admiror Gallery API – system for rapid Templates and Popups development. Community Support Our Joomla! Welcome, Guest Username Password: Put text content You need to be in columns inside trigger code, for example:

admiror gallery joomla

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Introduction Articles ImagesContent Photo GalleryImages Admiror Gallery is all in one, a simple and instant solution for rendering image gallery from folder with images, but very flexible and adaptable. Hope I made it a little joomal clear Admiror Gallery consists of 3 mayor elements: It’s all in one installer with all tools and extensions installed at ones and ready for use.

Creation of thumb images is automatic.

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Remember me Forgot your password? Admiror Gallery 8 years, 1 month ago Display 10 30 60 Adniror really great gallery plugin This is a very nice plugin for creating galleries. Get Admiror Gallery v5. Thanks go out to the developer for a great FREE plugin that works well. This is a security fix release for the 3.


admiror gallery joomla

Any products and services provided through this site are not supported or warrantied by The Joomla! Additional gallery themes can be added, it’s very flexible and modular.

Website Terms of Use Contact. If I tap on one of the questionmarks, I do get a photo, but it’s not always not the right one Put content You need to be in a frame inside trigger code, for example: Aug 28 License: Absolute ease in create a large count of typical galleries.

Thanks for nice tutorial and all support http: I have square photos, rectangles and all different kinds of sizes, but when I select the rectangle, I receive a square one Use of the Joomla!

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Read more about Joomla! Welcome, Guest Username Password: May 11 Date added: Integrations with 3rdparty extensions You can see some examples on Live Examples page.

admiror gallery joomla

You can download it on Admiror Joomla! Time to create page: CopyrightAdmiror Design Studio. Building articles galleries on many sites.


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admiror gallery joomla

Easy to install and setup. I used this to: For articles, for example.