He has short, fair hair and blue eyes. Ill 1 There are many houses in my street. Da brojite do Recnik you – vi 2. Da upotrebite upitnu zamenicu “gde”: The Grand Hotel, the cinema, the airport. My sister Helen is short.

abeceda engleskog jezika

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Da upotrebite superlativ prideva near: Prisvojni pridev tvoj, vas: Recnik over there – tamo prekoj on the left – levo, sa leve strane II Excuse me.


Ill 1 There are many houses in my street. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your rngleskog while you navigate through the website.

It s in Market Street. Da pozelite dobrodoslicu nekome: He is not myfriend. I m John Brown. Prisvojni pridev tvoj, vas: These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I don t like it at all.


Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priru─Źnik) : DVD Zone Shop

What s your address, please? Thefifth one is white. Da navedete dane u nedelji: Shall I sign here?

abeceda engleskog jezika

Prideve – mnogo, stari, moderan: It s four minutes past two, It s eight minutes to eight. First, second, third, fourth, fifth. II I It s over there. The cinema is on the corner of West Street and Oxford Jeika.

Da upotrebite neodredeni clan za nesto abecsda, neodredeno: That s third right. Can I help yon? Da imenujete clanove najblize porodice: Jones is in his office.

abeceda engleskog jezika

I like it veiy much. He is 35 thirtyfive. He is at school.

abeceda engleskog jezika

There is a hotel in Bond Street. I 1 This table is made ofwood. Recuik who – ko new – novi how – koliko old – star How aheceda are you? Prilog za vreme “danas”: Ill 1 That s third right. Please come in, Mr.