In addition the duration of the tone as well as its volume and melody can be freely defined by the user for each alarm. The “System Assistant” function allows the customer to define his own frequently occurring system settings. To keep the databases at the same level, you need to exchange data between the databases. The alpha keyboard is designed for convenient dialling by name, private phone book management and for writing text messages. Take the following precautionary measures:

aastra intelligate management system

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The information relates to non-networked stand-alone systems. To adapt the system ideally to suit the customer require- ments, the available expansion possibilities and system limits need to be known. Other features of the Office pro include handsfree operation with volume control, vibra call, hotkey and an LED.

aastra intelligate management system

OptiCaller is also available as a product with unlimited license period and can then be used on the same handset for an unlimited time. A simple keystroke is enough to dial a call number or to listen to the Voice Mail System. There are 3 types of ssytem There are two types of overflow routing: Restrictions The maximum number of terminals per S bus is further restricted by the power re- quirements of the terminals and their supplementary equipment: This is re- quired whenever there is no longer any executable system software stored on the basic system for whatever reason or if a downgrade to an older software version is to be carried out.


Aastra Ascotel IntelliGate 150 System Manual

However it can also be operated via OIP. Remote access means that changes and expansions can be carried out independently of time and location, and is used for the remote maintenance of the system. Configuration data can be modified either using AIMS or directly from the system terminal. The use of standards — whatever the environment Ascotel IntelliGate aasrta are open communication platforms that use and support internationally defined standards. An individual Automated Attendant can be stored with each greeting so the caller is routed to correct destination.

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A licence is required for enabling the protocol. In addition to handling presence it is also possible to access other PBX features such as call forwarding, signing in or out of groups, call recording etc. Office pro With its sturdy design, the splashwater-proof and shock-proof Office pro is particularly well suited for industrial environments.

Announcements can be recorded either via the handset of a terminal or via a recording equipment connected to the audio interface. The OIP interface guarantees maximum integration. This is particularly useful with DECT handsets since ssystem can also be displayed when on the move. Waiting callers include callers on hold waiting to be systrm through or callers switched through to the Courtesy service. These added-value services allow the user to work more efficiently.

A special command set is available for communicating with hotel management systems. The caller is guided through a selection of menus interactively using AutoAttendant functions to ensure the best possible voice communication. Besides conventional telephony features Open Interfaces Platform OIP offers many other convenient functions, which supports the employees with their daily work, for instance: Configuring a local signal destination on a V.


Systems Telecoms

Connection Modules Different connection modules can be fitted depending on a system’s configuration and expansion. The LED combination patterns With the exception of the ISDNPRA trunk card, any card can be used in any system provided, however, only as many interfaces are enabled as maagement by the limits of expansion. This inhelligate not take up an expansion slot. Expansion cards are used to grow the system. The wiring to the expansion cards consists of two prefabricated wire connecting cables or 4 quad two-conductor pillar terminal blocks.

This enables the use of Ascotel IntelliGate together with call centre applications. The following licences are available: To greatly simplify the administration of OptiCaller clients and licenses a flexible Provisioning system is available as an Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing services on the web.

Use the M4 screws of the cable cover set to secure the brackets for the cable cover to the basic system. intel,igate

aastra intelligate management system

No further investments into an additional and cost-intensive telephony installation is required.