Sunday 22 September The Storm A military mind nigga. Look in my eyes. Friday 7 June He addresses them directly and asks them if they can see a thug nigga 2Pac drinking hard liquor. Friday 20 September Shout outs to my niggas Fatal and Felony.

2pac tradin war story

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Makaveli Can you feel me? Friday 26 July Just so you know, it’s on Death Row My niggaz love that shit Dramacydal in this motherfucker, heh heh heh Yea, nigga.

2Pac – Tradin War Stories Lyrics + Clip | Paroles sur RAPRNB

Saturday 22pac July Wednesday 17 July Thursday 4 July So who’s the bigger? Monday 12 August Semi-automatic MAC just to scare niggaz.

wwar Thursday 4 April Wednesday 11 September Wednesday 3 July Monday 5 August Tuesday 25 June Friday 12 April Mama sent me to go play with the drug dealers. But what was I doing in this place?


2pac tradin war story

Tuesday 6 August A new version of Last. Thursday 11 July Tuesday 23 July Wednesday 24 April Ain’t nuttin but the hog in me.

Tradin War Stories by Joze Roque | Free Listening on SoundCloud

But fuck that, You got what’s mines and I want that. Saturday 4 May By 18, turned out.

2pac tradin war story

I be the nigga pulling the trigga and Dumping the hollow points in your brain. Pardon my thug poetry, but suckers is born every day And fear of man grow on trees Criminal ties for centuries, a legend in my own rhymes So niggaz whisper when 2paac mention.

Heard they got to my peoples.

2pac tradin war story

Wednesday 18 September Monday 16 September Well to do shory. Sunday 7 July Tuesday 17 September I’m reminiscing and catching flashbacks when niggas Ran up in my house and I was too young to try to blast back.