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Youtube WAP site… almost there

I noticed post about a new WAP site that Youtube has just launched. I fired it up on my E61i:

Youtube WAP

Youtube WAP 2

Looks good, except for one thing:

MIME Type correct, URL unsupported

The URL linked to looks like this:


My E61i’s browser recognised the MIME type in the URL correctly, loaded up the default 3GP video player (RealPlayer Series 60) which doesn’t appear to do .

This highlights the pitfalls of mobile content. We’ve just about got it right on the desktop browser with Flash being cross platform, but it seems that we’re back to square one when it comes to media content on phones. There’s , RealPlayer, etc. all vying for our attention, and no mobile web browser willing to support any one of them. Doesn’t it feel good to be back in 1996?

I don’t think the iPhone will be the either, but it will definitely help. Besides, there’s no in its version of Safari either. Oh and who hates that ad claiming that the web is the Internet? (that’s another topic for a blog post).

Cracked 140,000 views!

The last few months has seen the views on my gradually tick over since the flood after the . Well today it seems I’ve cracked 140,000 views. The greatest thing of late has been the flood of comments protecting me against those scum 12 year olds that were dissing me. I think the says it best when at one point he says “this is like reading youtube comments!”.

Oh and no one mentioned geekiest part about the video. I’m wearing an shirt.

WiiSaber 140000 views