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Attack of the Network Solutions!

I was looking to download the and typed in my address bar, with the following results:

Mark for Network Solutions.

Webkit and Acid3

I just noticed on , so I downloaded the latest WebKit nightly and ran the test…

Acid3 on WebKit r31370

It certainly seems like we’re all in a rush to pass these tests…

Acid3 rush

Does passing these web standards acid tests necessarily mean a better browsing experience? I still use Firefox 2 over Safari 3.1 even given the speed difference. Sites with heavy use of javascript, Google Docs in particular, have always felt like they work better in Firefox. The rich text panel in Wordpress another (I started writing this on r31370 and paragraphing doesn’t seem to work).

Perhaps these sites don’t follow web standards to the letter, but does that mean the browser renderer shouldn’t be as accommodating? We’re starting to get out of the bad old days but we’re still not there yet, and it’s still frustrating for developers and users alike.