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Liveblogging the Apple Security update 2007-007

Now that we’re all , I thought I’d give the scoop on the latest security update from Apple.

Here we are at the update screen:

Security Update 007!

That’s a lot of updates. I’m installing just the security update here. I’ll click install and see what happens.


Downloading update. Very exciting.

Searching foor stuff

Doesn’t it know where my files are?

“Optimising” system performance

I think this is where software update sends my keychain to Apple. Things are getting very slow now.

Need to restart!

Need to restart. Wish me luck!

GlaxoSmithKline offers to sponsor T-Mobile cycling team

With the that T-Mobile are considering terminating their sponsorship of the T-Mobile cycling team early, pharmaceuticals company have decided to offer one of the largest sponsorship deals ever seen in the sport of cycling.

“We saw the excellent synergy between our industry and the sport of cycling and decided that the match was perfect” said Joe Smith, spokesperson for GSK Europe. He added, “With our pharmaceutical expertise and the athletes need for undetectable performance enhancing drugs, we feel that this is a relationship that could help develop an exciting future for the sport”.