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SMS spam that I can’t get out of?

The other day I received this SMS from my carrier ().

Optus SMS Spam

It reads:

To get a free ringtone, call 966 and select 9 after the greeting. Call costs 30c/30secs, download charges apply, expires 30/04/07. Call 1300720084 to un-sub.

So let me get this straight:

  1. The ringtone is not free. I have to pay 60 cents per min on the IVR plus data charges to receive it. No doubt the IVR will keep me on the line as long as possible.
  2. I have to call a premium number to unsubscribe. As far as I am aware there is no free 1300 number in Australia.
  3. I never opted in to receive any offers from Optus.

This is the worst kind of spam in my mind. I have to pay to opt out of something I never opted in to begin with. Does Optus think that because I’m a subscriber I have implicitly opted in? If I opt out will I never get these again?

Physical spam

Inspired by Peter’s success with physical spam (I bet we’ll soon be living in a world where most people think think spam originated as junk email) I put up a no junk mail sign on my letterbox a few weeks ago. It works most of the time but we do get the odd spammer put one in. The interesting thing is they alway make sure that the mail is either pushed all the way in or put in the back, presumably so that no one else can see their flagrant disregard for peoples wishes.

I thought I’d post the interesting one’s here. Today I received one from the Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church.

NCA Church Physical Spam

Does this church believe that giving unsolicited mail to someone that clearly asks for it not to be given is acceptable because they’re spreading the word? I wonder what they believe is categorised as junk mail.