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Skype credit expiry update

After I blogged about my Skype credit expiry problem I raised a support ticket and got the following response:

Hello Ben,

We apologize for the delayed response. Our goal is to respond to all customer e-mails within 72 hours, however due to a recent increase in inquiries it has taken longer to respond to you.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

After reviewing your case we have decided to re-instate your credit. Your balance will be updated in the next 3 days.

For the future please remember that you must place one call lasting at least one whole minute every 180 days in order to keep your credit balance.

Skype is continually working to improve the notification process to make sure that our customers would remember to make this one call.

Thank you once again. Enjoy using Skype.

Should you need more assistance, feel free to contact us again; we will be glad to help.

Best regards,

Andras - Skype Support

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My Skype balance was restored. This is great customer support!

It’s been quite a month for cloud service fails. I just got this email from Skype:

Hi there Benjamin Cooper,

Unfortunately your Skype Credit balance has expired due to 180 days’ inactivity on your account. We sent you three reminder emails, but as we explained, this now means the balance you had in your account has been cleared.

Below is the Skype Credit expiry policy, detailing why your balance expired.

=== What are the rules for Skype Credit expiry? ===

1. Skype Credit expires 180 days after your last credit purchase or action that used credit eg calling phones, SMS message.
2. Each purchase, call or SMS message resets the expiry time to 180 days.
3. Unfortunately, if you don’t use your remaining credit the balance will expire to comply with normal business accounting rules.
4. You will receive reminder emails 30 days, 7 days and 72 hours before your credit expires.

Talk soon,

The people at Skype

Well Skype have already broken their credit expiry rules. Here’s a screenshot of my mail history:

Skype Expiry Fail

I never got a reminder mail 7 days and 72 hours before my credit expired.

Do I get my money back?