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OpenSolaris to be licensed under GPLv3?

eWeek has posted an claiming to have a source that states that Sun is set to license under GPLv3. Granted I’m not particularly knowledgable about licensing matters, this is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. The regarding the license and its use in OpenSolaris was a in its day. I don’t believe, however, that technologies such as DTrace would find its way onto without it. We’re also seeing more that ZFS is supported in Leopard.

The choice of license does begin to make sense with this news coming almost 2 years after the initial release of OpenSolaris. It allowed the core source to be released quickly, unencumbered with the restrictions of GPL, while allowing work on things such as device drivers to be available under the new version of GPL to continue. It also seems that Sun have been the idea around for quite some time. As states enthusiatically, it’ll lead to a lot of developer mindshare.

I’d love to see what has to say about all of this.