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News writing at its finest

I couldn’t help but wonder how got past an editor:

“We have fully explored through the United Nations our entitlements to actually extend our continental shelf.”

Mr Ferguson said Australia had explored its entitlements to extend the continental shelf.

Need we even wonder if traditional media is dead?

Web 3.0 equals no community involvement?

Seeing as that web 3.0 == Mahalo , I’m going to have to take him to task here. I started watching the first as he does know how to generate publicity and I was interested in the Tesla car. I was immediately bugged by the fact that they’re using the same intro and outro music as my beloved . Now I’m sure it’s a podcast friendly sample (although I can’t see any recognition in either podcast) but I thought I’d let them know regardless.

Well comments are turned off for both the podcast and Calacanis’ of the podcast, along with the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any way of providing feedback to Mahalo themselves. In fact, the only way I can see of contacting them is the for the Mahalo search results, which isn’t related to the podcast itself. Do they not want feedback on the content they produce? Does the “editorial” process mean that they think it’s the best content there is?

If this is what Web 3.0 is then count me out. In fact, isn’t this “Web 1.0″ all over again?

New Radiohead album

Radiohead order confirmation


Americanisation ends with this…

Pancakes & Sausage on a stick

I fell off my chair when I saw this segment from the Daily Show:

This has to be the single greatest piece of commentary on the American lifestyle I’ve ever seen.

Covert advertising on commercial radio

I don’t listen to commercial radio in Australia so I don’t have a comparison point, but I was shocked upon hearing how many ads there are on commercial radio here in Seattle. The worst offender for me at the moment has to be and it’s covert advertising.

I’ve heard the following twice so far on KJR FM. It goes something like this. The announcer starts talking about the latest James Bond movie and then uses it to introduce a Bond girl. All she then talks about is a new resort in Las Vegas. There is no indication that it is a paid for comment, yet it is clearly a pre-recorded advertisement. It’s funny that they tie this in with Casino Royale considering the amount of product placement in the movie.

This reminds me of the scandal in Australia a few years back. It’s appalling. Am I simply not well-versed in commercial radio? Is this fair game?

Casino Royale product placement overload

I watched (no not the Peter Sellers ) for the first time a few nights ago and was extremely frustrated. I couldn’t help but focus on the product placement overload. Here’s my observations:

  • Every car was a car from the Ford motor group. I only ever saw Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lincoln, and of course Aston Martin cars.
  • Every piece of consumer electronics was a Sony. I saw Vaio laptops, Sony Ericsson phones, Sony Bluray players, LCDs, etc.
  • He says at one point, “I wear an Omega watch”, or something to that effect.

It verged on the ridiculous.

It seems is if there are way too many competing interests on the James Bond franchise, that the artistic integrity of any movie made suffers.

My favourite part in the movie was when Bond ran through the wall in one of the opening sequences. So ridiculous it was that I went to create an , only to discover that there were .

HD-DVD encryption key bandwagon

I hate to jump on the bandwagon here, but I just searched for the key in Google with the following result:

HD-DVD encryption key Google

It seems that we shouldn’t mess with the .

Update: has its say:

I was hoping for an though.

Recycling news

One of the sometimes annoying things about subscribing to lots of technology RSS feeds is that you see the same story come up over and over again. I see it a lot with and . I find it hard to believe that the readership of these gadget sites are entirely different, yet I see a lot of recycled news (Engadget seems to get the scoop more often than not).

I found the ugly mug of that photo supposedly taken with an iPhone come up far too often for my liking recently, so I did a quick browse of my feeds to see where I’d seen it. Screenshot below.

iPhone photo

That’s a lot of recycled news for a not so interesting story.

Aussie pride

There’s something about the culture in Australia, that when one of our own makes it big outside our little confines we show immense pride. Some examples that spring to mind are , , and especially .

A moment that defines this for me was watching that incredibly American-centric film, , at the cinemas. When the credits are about to roll and they show their token around the world shots (just to show us that ), everybody in the cinema cheered when they saw the alien ship wrecked in Sydney. They haven’t forgotten us we all thought.

This is why I find it amusing that when Techcrunch a prank on Jimmy Wales by the very funny guys at , all the Aussies in. It seems that we’re very good at making sure that any kind of publicity doesn’t go astray.

Today Tonight’s Sydney Tsunami

There was a in Sydney today following the earthquake and in the Soloman Islands. For unexplained reasons I was watching tonight, where they showed “recreations” of tsunami scenarios in major Australian cities.

I was amazed to see the Sydney tsunami appear to originate in Milson’s Point, about 1 kilometer across the harbour. The wave was moving almost due south, striking Circular Quay. This is absurd!

Today Tonight tsunami