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My low-tech holiday, or: my internet detox

My wife and I are off for two weeks in the south island of New Zealand for sightseeing and skiing. Because we’re traveling in a camper van I’ve decided not to take my laptop. We’re going to get a prepaid SIM for phone purposes as international roaming is super expensive. I also don’t want to spend my holiday camped in internet cafes. This means the following:

  • No email
  • No tech news (stressful considering the pending Apple announcement)
  • No new podcasts
  • No photo uploads (I shoot in RAW)

I’m tempted to bring my E61i as it has wifi but I’m going to hold out on that one. Sounds like a healthy detox of clean air, beautiful scenery, sking and no internet. I may not survive.

Cracked 140,000 views!

The last few months has seen the views on my gradually tick over since the flood after the . Well today it seems I’ve cracked 140,000 views. The greatest thing of late has been the flood of comments protecting me against those scum 12 year olds that were dissing me. I think the says it best when at one point he says “this is like reading youtube comments!”.

Oh and no one mentioned geekiest part about the video. I’m wearing an shirt.

WiiSaber 140000 views

First post

I used to have a weblog. I mainly wrote about Solaris and . These days my main focus is development on a Mac in Python and deployment on Linux. How times have changed. The good news is that will be in so all is not lost. My recent claim to fame is my youtube video being linked by . It is posted below.