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Jaiku hotness

I signed up for a few weeks ago after all the hype from et al, and didn’t really get in to it. It seemed like a pain to SMS a number, or to constantly have the Twitter web page open to make posts. I gave up after the IM bot was a bit unreliable for me. Then I noticed post from Hugh. I checked out the and found that there is a Nokia Series 60 client. Having an N73 at the time promptly tweaked my interest. Now I’m hooked.

This has to be one of the smoothest S60 application experiences I’ve had. So much so, that it was one of the factors in choosing to go with the E61i over a Blackberry equivalent (that, along with 802.11 and 3G, which the 8800 doesn’t have).

Screenshots of the installer and the app are below.

Jaiku 1

Jaiku 4

Jaiku 7

Jaiku 8

Jaiku 10

Another thing I like is the ability to add other feeds (RSS and Atom) to your stream. What floored me today was a response from Jaiku on a question about the S60 client I asked in a .

Jaiku support

Great work guys.