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Google no-show on Australia Day

I work for a company called . One of the companies under the iMMedian umbrella is . With Google’s on Australia day we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to fly the flag, so to speak. We’d picked our spot and turned up at Centennial Park at 8:45 ready for the flyover between 9:00 and 9:30.

Well, according to the website that was the plan.

Google flyover centennial park

We were going well. Everything was ready by 9:00 for the flyover.

The third guy in the picture above is Nick from , who also had a banner on the ground. By 11:00 there was still no sign of the elusive plane. We’d heard rumours that they were simply taking a few shots of an area just north of where we were. Then the ranger came along to kick us off.

We moved location but by 11:30 we were sick of waiting. The hope was that the plane was flying high enough for us to miss it (and that the sunburn was worth it!).