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The Google Street View truck?

I saw this this afternoon just as I was getting on my bike to ride home from .

Street View truck?

(apologies for the terrible camera phone photography)

Just in case you’re wondering, I didn’t feel conspicuous in my spandex bike pants at all…

Google does offline

Maybe I’m a little late with my news, but I fired up Google Reader just then and noticed the following.

Google Reader offline

It’s a Firefox extension called Google Gears. After installing it opened Google Reader and I had the option to go into offline mode. I clicked yes and saw the following dialog.

Reader offline

Gmail is probably next. I remember Calacanis making a comment on the Gilmor Gang ages ago when Zimbra released its offline product that it won’t be long before Google does it and nobody uses Zimbra anymore. Well it seems like that day is coming soon. Well, maybe not the .

It seems that Google wants this to become a de-facto standard for offline apps. As points out, has an excellent post and interview about the product.

Google Reader for the Wii

I just noticed a link to on digg, fired up my Wii and checked it out.

Google Wiider

I have to say it’s bloody fantastic! I’ve attempted to use the standard Google Reader in my Wii before and it worked perfectly fine, although a little to unwieldy to use daily. The “native” news reader for the Wii is still excellent but I cannot add any news sources apart from the built-in AP feed.

I always retreat to my laptop in the morning to read my news. It looks like I may not have to do that anymore.

HD-DVD encryption key bandwagon

I hate to jump on the bandwagon here, but I just searched for the key in Google with the following result:

HD-DVD encryption key Google

It seems that we shouldn’t mess with the .

Update: has its say:

I was hoping for an though.

Google maps route through dead end

I’m a little late in on the here, but I thought it amusing enough to post.

I was in Seattle last week and saw the Google maps client for Windows Mobile in action. Now, I’m a fan of the client for Symbian and used it in a trip to Dubbo late last year. I noticed that there was an option for GPS tracking. I’d finally found a use for the GPS receiver in my iPAQ! You see, it’s hard to find maps for Sydney. Microsoft seem to have Australian maps for pocket streets and I don’t want to purchase some strange iPAQ specific version of the tomtom software (generic versions I’ve tried didn’t seem to recognise the receiver). The Google maps software not only recognised my receiver but found about 7 satellites very quickly. While the accuracy wasn’t great it was acceptable (about 20 metres down the street).

I decided to see how it’s directions worked to North Sydney (where I work). The route it picked was pretty good; except for the fact that it went straight through a dead end. Not good if I was driving.

If I ask for directions from the same spot on it gives me the same route. Screenshot of the section in question is shown below.

Google maps dead end

Update: The disclaimer on the maps website tells us that

These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, or other events may cause road conditions to differ from the map results.

A dead end that’s been there in my 25 years of living in this area is not exactly a construction project!

Google Botch Sydney Flyover

The Sydney Morning Herald changed their , so I’ll post it as the title here. The choice quote is this:

Terry O’Connor, a spokesman for Air Services Australia, which oversees air traffic control, said that the aviation company hired by Google was warned when the flight plans were lodged last week that it would be “very difficult or impossible” to give the plane clearance to fly over some of the proposed areas.

The flight plans were lodged last week!? At least Microsoft were realistic as to where they were going to do . Perhaps we got on the Windows Live maps instead.

Google no-show on Australia Day

I work for a company called . One of the companies under the iMMedian umbrella is . With Google’s on Australia day we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to fly the flag, so to speak. We’d picked our spot and turned up at Centennial Park at 8:45 ready for the flyover between 9:00 and 9:30.

Well, according to the website that was the plan.

Google flyover centennial park

We were going well. Everything was ready by 9:00 for the flyover.

The third guy in the picture above is Nick from , who also had a banner on the ground. By 11:00 there was still no sign of the elusive plane. We’d heard rumours that they were simply taking a few shots of an area just north of where we were. Then the ranger came along to kick us off.

We moved location but by 11:30 we were sick of waiting. The hope was that the plane was flying high enough for us to miss it (and that the sunburn was worth it!).

Google flyover on Australia Day

is very cool. On a Google branded plane will be flying over the CBD, north shore and eastern suburbs of Sydney producing high-resolution imagery for Google’s mapping services. I wonder how many of we’ll see.

Google could save 3000 Megawatts per year simply by changing its colour scheme?

I found on Digg. They reference explaining energy usage of a sample monitor with different solid background colours. Now it doesn’t specify whether the observations were taken using a CRT, an LCD, an display or whatever exotic display type you can think of. I’d imagine it is based on a CRT judging by the old operating systems listed in the Energy Star section. It makes fascinating reading but I don’t believe that the same principle applies to LCDs, especially seeing as one of the main determinants of quality of an LCD is its .

Besides, where would you rather go?


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