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Google does offline

Maybe I’m a little late with my news, but I fired up Google Reader just then and noticed the following.

Google Reader offline

It’s a Firefox extension called Google Gears. After installing it opened Google Reader and I had the option to go into offline mode. I clicked yes and saw the following dialog.

Reader offline

Gmail is probably next. I remember Calacanis making a comment on the Gilmor Gang ages ago when Zimbra released its offline product that it won’t be long before Google does it and nobody uses Zimbra anymore. Well it seems like that day is coming soon. Well, maybe not the .

It seems that Google wants this to become a de-facto standard for offline apps. As points out, has an excellent post and interview about the product.

Firefox and remembering decisions

I just clicked on an iTunes store link in Firefox and up came a pop up asking me if I want to launch iTunes to view it. I accidentally hit remember decision and cancel. From then on I couldn’t open iTunes links and there was no option from the gui to reset/cancel my decision. It seems like the only way to change this is from about:config, as per the screenshot below.

iTunes store link setting

Not good from a usability perspective if you ask me.