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An American compact car

It seems we live in different worlds.

American compact car

Tech community and Bob Dylan

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds and often finding myself having to zoom through them, only briefly reading a few that catch my attention. just caught my attention. Not because of the discussion about GPLv3 and backwards compatibility, but because of the Dylan quote at the end, naming him as a famous poet (which is the subject of some debate).

Now anyone I know can attest to my Dylan fanaticism but my interest stems from my father, who grew up with Dylan at his peak. It seems, however, that the tech business has a fascination with Dylan. Jobs plays his songs at any opportunity in his keynotes, and and referred to him constantly in the Gillmor Gang. What is it about Dylan that the tech community loves?

Did Bush really just say that? (updated)

I’m lying in bed this morning listening to the news on and I hear Bush’s comments on the search for Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan’s wilderness:

It’s a wild place out there. Wilder than the Wild West!

He really does think he’s living in the movies! It reminds me of his “Top Gun” moment:

Bush Top Gun

Update: I just found the of the talk the sound clip was from. I misquoted slightly. The actual quote is:

Taliban and al Qaeda fighters do hide in remote regions of Pakistan — this is wild country; this is wilder than the Wild West

It sounds no less silly to me.

Aldi Massage Cushion $29.99… Aeron Chair not included

Aldi are renowned for selling cheap stuff. are really good, but most of the time the stuff is rubbish. I thought it was particularly amusing after seeing that the latest “” contains the dot com bubble’s chair of choice, Herman Miller’s , as a prop. Why would you put some piece of $29.99 rubbish on your ?

No mention of Engadget in the 2007 Bloggies

I just followed the link from Hugh’s to the nominations for the . I see that is nominated in the following:

  • Best American Weblog
  • Best Computers or Technology Weblog
  • Most Humorous Weblog
  • Best Writing of a Weblog
  • Best-Designed Weblog (huh?)
  • Weblog of the Year

Where’s in all of this? I think Larry Dignan was spot on when he the iPhone keynote coverage of some tech blogs, Gizmodo and Engadget being two of them.

10:57 a.m. Jobs keynote wraps up. Gizmodo has stuff up, but posts jump everywhere. It starts to dawn on me that I may have been at the wrong URL with a bunch of other people. Confused by the nav going on there. Was I at the wrong URL? I’m guessing this strange approach is designed to maximize page views.

Being the blog in Technorati doesn’t count for anything? Is it because of the fact that they’re owned by the these days?

My Alp d’Huez

When I was in Grenoble in October last year, one of the things I’d planned to do in my free time was climb the famous . I was all set to catch the bus to Bourg d’Oisans, hire a bike and attempt the climb. Little did I know that my bus timetable did not apply on Sundays and seeing that I was leaving the next day I couldn’t afford to go in the evening. Since then, however, I’ve been riding to work 4 days a week (realising I was an idiot to think I could do the famous climb in my then state of fitness!) and have been eyeing up my own mini Alp d’Huez. Well today I got home, dropped my bag off, went back into North Sydney, across the bridge, and on my way back I finally did the climb. Here, courtesy of Google Earth, I present my Alp d’Huez:

My Alp d'Huez

Looks tiny doesn’t it!?

Why I love The Register

Aside from being an excellent source of technology news and banter, you occasionally find answers to some of life’s great questions at . Upon checking my RSS feeds I see the following articles:

  • ,
  • , and my favourite title,

Excellent stuff el Reg.