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iPhone brick update

It’s about time I posted an update to my iPhone sob story. Two weeks ago I visited an Apple “Genius” at the new store in Sydney.

Despite filming the queue at the opening this was the first time inside the store itself.

The genius I saw was Bobby, who attempted to activate the phone with Siew’s SIM and my SIM without success. He inspected the headphone jack with a torch magnifier before deciding to replace the phone entirely. I made him flash the new one to 2.0.1 just in case the same thing happened again (it was a scary moment when the battery almost died during the update on the MacBook he was updating from but all is good.

I must say, however, that I expected more from a certified genius.

Some shots of the Genius bar and the new phone getting flashed are below. Note that the sign on the bar says that if you jailbreak then you have voided your warranty and cannot get support.

The experience once back home wasn’t so good however. We restored from the latest backup and all the app store apps would crash on startup. This appears to be a problem with setting app permissions on a restore (see for a jailbreak solution to this). We did a fresh install and reloaded the apps manually which worked. It’s a pain having to set everything back up the way it was however. This is what I expected the backup/restore process to remove.

I have since updated to 2.0.2 on my iPhone without issue. Siew refuses to let me update her’s.

MacBook Magic Eye part 4

Here’s a collection of MacBook Magic Eye from both Michael and I, collected over the past few weeks. The latest one was on Thursday.

For me it only seems to happen when I unplug my external monitor.

iPhone 2.0.1 brick

Yesterday I updated my iPhone to 2.0.1 without too many issues. I did get the dreaded carrier settings error message which didn’t seem to cause any problems for me (I’m with Optus in Australia).

Then I did Siew’s phone…

For Google’s index I’ll type the error message.

The iPhone “Siew Cooper’s iPhone” cannot be used with iTunes because the information required for activation could not be obtained from the iPhone.
Check that the SIM card is inserted in your iPhone and that it is not PIN-locked.

So I plugged it into my Mac and got this:

Interesting. I put the phone in DFU mode and did a restore with both my SIM and Siew’s SIM and now only get the original error message. I guess a trip to the Optus store is on the cards to see if they can activate it.

The irony is that my phone has previously been jailbroken and Siew’s was completely clean. The only option for me that I can tell is to jailbreak it back to 2.0. I’m not sure what 2.0.1 did to prevent it from doing this however.

It’s not a good time for Apple.

Quality Apple news reporting

I saw the following today while browsing my Google Reader. There’s way too much noise out there and Gillmor’s twitter phenomenon doesn’t help one jot.

iPhone 3G Launch

The last photo taken on my E61i

On Thursday Siew and I lined up at the Optus Store in Sydney for the midnight launch of the iPhone 3G. We turned up just after 8 and joined the line about half way down the block on Hunter St.

The “rent-a-happy-person” people were accomodating, giving us coffee, pizza, chocolates up to the store opening time. Optus even hired the to give the liners a massage throughout the night (I refused because of the media attention).

There were tons of reporters about, showing behaviour I can only describe as being vulture-like. I was accosted by some guy I’d never seen before from the Channel 9 Today Show. See me look like an idiot as the “number 151 guy” in the clip (sorry no embeds as far as I can see).

All in all the experience was good up to the store opening. From then on it was a shambles. We waited for almost 2 hours to get in the store and another 40 mins inside the store itself. We waited for a while for someone to take us to a terminal (no one seemed interested), then the guy serving us didn’t seem to know what he was doing (we had to help him find some options in his interface).

Once that was done we were taken to some guy with a laptop running iTunes to “unbrick” our phones. (Vodafone ) It seemed to be a small piece of software that connected to the Apple server and popped up with an OK message. While it was the usual Optus experience, it wasn’t good doing it at 2am. Surely there was a better way.

I’d suggest that they get everyone to pre-register their plans in any Optus store and have the cut-over date and time of midnight on the launch day. All we would have needed to do was walk in, pick up our allocated phone, “unbrick” and walk out. Simple.

Anyway, I’ve got the phone and the initial impression is that the App Store changes everything.

Gallery and YouTube clips are below.


Line Walk


MacBook Magic Eye part 3

Here’s another piece of modern art that Michael’s MacBook Pro produced today:

MacBook Magic Eye part 3

I feel a series coming on!

MacBook Magic Eye part 2

Michael produced this Magic Eye when he unplugged his external monitor this afternoon.

I feel that this could be a new form of !

Sydney Apple Store Opening

I finally got around to editing my line walk video from the Sydney Apple store launch with . The YouTube clip is embedded below (please forgive my stupid commentary).

I must say that the upload to YouTube via iMovie ‘08 was pretty smooth, although the old iMovie was required for the speedup effect. It’s a strange workflow to import the movie into the old iMovie, do the video effects, then import the project into the new iMovie!

Mac Hell part 2

I’ve had two regular problems since getting my new MacBook Pro 15″ (Part 1 details hell with my white MacBook), that is the system becoming completely unresponsive and the other what I can only describe as the MacBook .

Here’s what I could glean from my logs when the system becomes unresponsive:

Jun 27 21:59:13 172 BluePhoneElite 2[5591]: [ERR!] -[BTDeviceRFCOMMChannel openChannel] Channel failed to init with kIOReturnExclusiveAccess but the device is not connected!
Jun 27 22:02:11 172 BluePhoneElite 2[5591]: [ERR!] -[BTDeviceRFCOMMChannel openChannel] Channel failed to init with kIOReturnExclusiveAccess but the device is not connected!
Jun 27 22:02:53 172 BluePhoneElite 2[5591]: [ERR!] -[BTDeviceRFCOMMChannel openChannel] Channel failed to init with kIOReturnExclusiveAccess but the device is not connected!
Jun 27 22:11:50 172 BluePhoneElite 2[5591]: [ERR!] -[BTDeviceRFCOMMChannel openChannel] Channel failed to init with kIOReturnExclusiveAccess but the device is not connected!
Jun 27 22:15:32 172 BluePhoneElite 2[5591]: [ERR!] -[BTDeviceRFCOMMChannel openChannel] Channel failed to init with kIOReturnExclusiveAccess but the device is not connected!

The next log message after this last one shows my system booting (after I had to hard shut the laptop down). I haven’t run since and we’ll see if that’s the cause of that particular problem (I always used to blame Parallels!).

The second problem is rather interesting. Here’s the latest example from last night after waking from sleep:

It can happen after waking from sleep or unplugging an external monitor and is deeply annoying as I have to hard reset every time.

Michael, a colleague at work who got his MacBook Pro at the same time as me, also has this problem. Does anyone else get the MacBook Magic Eye?

This is crazy

I’ve never seen so much hype for a developers conference. Has Apple found a way to break through from geek nirvana to the mainstream or is it simply that we’re shouting louder? It’s a developer conference guys!

Twitter says . In the meantime I’m just hoping for some :