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Middle East Trip - Syria - Resafa

Resafa was a special place for us. It was New Years Eve and a miserable day on the way to Palmyra from Aleppo. Rain, sleet, snow and a cold truck. We stopped here for lunch and visited the ruins of this . The snow and the isolation made the place magical.

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Middle East Trip - Syria - Aleppo

, our tour leader described Aleppo as his favourite city in the Middle East. I can see the charm. It has real history, is not at all pretentious, and the souq is a proper working market. We drank at , a run down colonial hotel which has the dubious fame of having skip his bill. Agatha Cristie stayed there too (although it seems that she stayed at every old hotel in the region). Our city guide, Ahmed Modallal of Lonely Planet fame, was just so passionate about his city (we have his card if anyone wants his details).

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Middle East Trip - Syria - Krac des Chevaliers

I was looking forward to seeing the and it didn’t disappoint. It’s mystique was heightened by the rain and clouds closing in during our tour. We saw probably the most amount of tourists here during our week in Syria and as you can see by the photos, the lack of tourists was one of the reasons why I enjoyed Syria so much.

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