iPhone brick update

It’s about time I posted an update to my iPhone sob story. Two weeks ago I visited an Apple “Genius” at the new store in Sydney.

Despite filming the queue at the opening this was the first time inside the store itself.

The genius I saw was Bobby, who attempted to activate the phone with Siew’s SIM and my SIM without success. He inspected the headphone jack with a torch magnifier before deciding to replace the phone entirely. I made him flash the new one to 2.0.1 just in case the same thing happened again (it was a scary moment when the battery almost died during the update on the MacBook he was updating from but all is good.

I must say, however, that I expected more from a certified genius.

Some shots of the Genius bar and the new phone getting flashed are below. Note that the sign on the bar says that if you jailbreak then you have voided your warranty and cannot get support.

The experience once back home wasn’t so good however. We restored from the latest backup and all the app store apps would crash on startup. This appears to be a problem with setting app permissions on a restore (see for a jailbreak solution to this). We did a fresh install and reloaded the apps manually which worked. It’s a pain having to set everything back up the way it was however. This is what I expected the backup/restore process to remove.

I have since updated to 2.0.2 on my iPhone without issue. Siew refuses to let me update her’s.

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    I love the irony of there being a fix but it requires a jailbreak. Although 99% of users never use the terminal in MacOS X, I love the fact that it’s always there hidden away for finding out what’s really going on.

    It’s a pity that such a smart device is hiding it’s capabilites from power users.

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