A Chat - World Phone Day!

Pete and Ben chat about the iPhone 3G, a week on. We talk about:

  • Purchase stories
  • Activation
  • Hardware
    • Plastic back
      • Feels good in the hand and doesn’t slip
    • GPS
      • A bit subtle about satellite lock
    • Reception
      • 3G doesn’t drop back to 2G quickly enough
    • Sound
      • On 2G in my bad reception it’s the best phone Peter’s used
    • Camera
      • Disappointing but functional. Lens flare if there’s any backlight
    • Battery life
      • Lasts a day of pretty heavy use
  • Software
    • App store
    • Favourite apps so far
        • Google reader reader (with offline)
        • Always gets a laugh
        • It is now the top free app
        • Ben - The best use of location I’ve seen so far. You see people responding to other tweets locally. Normally these people wouldn’t be able to find each other. Recognised a name mentioned in one (a former colleague of some people at work)
        • Peter lives 5 miles from Ben.
        • Peter - Someone rather menacingly said “we know where you live” after I posted with GPS position outside.
    • Crashing apps
      • Peter - AIM
      • Ben - A few apps crash. Kind of makes me wonder if it’s the apps or the OS?
    • Problems
      • Peter - Push email notification troubles
        • Stopped on Friday
        • Rebooted and then my .mac account came back
        • removed .mac and it works again
      • Ben - Push notification works from the iPhone but not the mac itself. Found I need to sync explicitly or wait for the next sync (even on “automatic”)
  • Data usage so far…
    • Peter - Sent 3.1Mb, Received 42.4Mb = 45.6Mb -> 152Mb / month
    • Ben - I can’t say since I’ve had it reset to some value twice after the iPhone restarted itself. Currently says Sent 2.4Mb, Received 24.2Mb

A Chat - World Phone Day!

5 Responses to “A Chat - World Phone Day!”

  1. 1

    Why does every keep talking about this crappy iPhone. I am, and I am sure others are getting sick of it !

    What’s wrong with OpenMoko ? See :
    A very worth while read is here :


  2. 2 Ben Cooper

    I’m quite interested in OpenMoko. It’s good to see they’ve got a device out the door. It sure seems like it’s been a long time. Now to see it in shops in Australia…

    I agree that Apple is the master of generating publicity for itself and I’m sure people are sick of it. I am a mac user and for the first time I have contact, calendar and mail syncing with my phone that just works. It doesn’t hurt that the device does a lot of things really well.

  3. 3

    Hey Ben,
    I want an iphone :P I just finished uni and I’m about to search for a job. Good podcast! The reason I want an iphone over any other phone is a quality phone really, almost all fiance’s phones have problems. Do you know what to do with warranty repairs with the iphone?

  4. 4

    Also when near a wifi spot does the iphone automatically route data through the wifi or do you have to do it manually?

  5. 5 Ben Cooper

    Good to hear from you again Jim.

    1. The Optus iPhone page links for iPhone support, so I guess they’re leaving it to Apple for warranty repairs.
    2. Yes. By default it’s set to ask you to join wifi networks it finds. Once you join it will automatically switch over every time you go in range of the network. It’s very smooth and a world apart from my Symbian based E61i. Be careful though. I joined an open network that I can see at home (which never gave me an IP over DHCP) and it kept wanting to join it over my home network. I had to “forget” the network to stop it from automatically joining.

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