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Monthly Archive for February, 2008

A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 18

WiFi Balloons!

This week we talk about:

  • Microsoft opening up?
    • They’ve the file formats for Office documents
    • Now they’ve thousands of API definitions and are encouraging open source interoperability
    • RedHat is
    • The EU
  • Google news for video?
    • Check out
    • TechCrunch story
  • GSM encryption broken
    • Researchers at a Black Hat conference in Washington to be able to listen in to GSM phone conversations with $1000 worth of equipment
  • Balloon WiFi
    • Google Space Data Corp., which provides wifi and cellular services via weather balloons
    • Original story in the
  • Document collaboration with SubEthaEdit
    • Check out
    • Very cool document collaboration:

    Document collaboration with SubEthaEdit

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A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 17

A New Trend in Openness.

This week we chat about:

  • Follow up
  • XML is only 10 years old?
  • Symbian touch interface is horrible
  • New browsers take 2
  • AppleTV take 2
  • Mac OS X 10.5.2
  • WiMAX VoIP Mobile Phone
  • High Performance Enabled SSH
  • Amazon Web Services outage
    • A in ?

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Sachin the Russian Blue

In the same spirit as and , here is a video of my brother-in-law’s Russian Blue kitten.

, I’m looking at you!  

The Google Street View truck?

I saw this this afternoon just as I was getting on my bike to ride home from .

Street View truck?

(apologies for the terrible camera phone photography)

Just in case you’re wondering, I didn’t feel conspicuous in my spandex bike pants at all…

A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 16

‘Utter crap’ headlines.

This week we chat about:

  • Peter’s MacBook Air
  • Undersea cable breakage
  • Linus says Apple is ‘utter crap’
  • Vista SP1
  • Hotmail now Windows only?
  • A new news aggregation site
  • Safari to get faster
    • WebKit’s very cool inspector:

    WebKit’s very cool inspector

  • The amazing Luke Skywalker arm

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A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 15

Microsoft! attempts! to! acquire! Yahoo!


In this episode we chat about:

  • Aboriginal archive offers new type of “DRM”
    • :
  • Australians embrace Firefox
    • :
    • :
  • Acquisition betting
    • :
  • Google’s social graph API
    • :
  • Amazon acquires Audible
    • :
  • Microsoft offers to acquire Yahoo!
    • :
  • Cool stuff at PMA
    • :
    • :
    • :
  • AWS using more bandwidth than
    • :
  • Using DLLs in Python
    • :

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