Web 3.0 equals no community involvement?

Seeing as that web 3.0 == Mahalo , I’m going to have to take him to task here. I started watching the first as he does know how to generate publicity and I was interested in the Tesla car. I was immediately bugged by the fact that they’re using the same intro and outro music as my beloved . Now I’m sure it’s a podcast friendly sample (although I can’t see any recognition in either podcast) but I thought I’d let them know regardless.

Well comments are turned off for both the podcast and Calacanis’ of the podcast, along with the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any way of providing feedback to Mahalo themselves. In fact, the only way I can see of contacting them is the for the Mahalo search results, which isn’t related to the podcast itself. Do they not want feedback on the content they produce? Does the “editorial” process mean that they think it’s the best content there is?

If this is what Web 3.0 is then count me out. In fact, isn’t this “Web 1.0″ all over again?

2 Responses to “Web 3.0 equals no community involvement?”

  1. 1

    Mahalo for checking out the show! Comments will be turned on shortly on the Mahalo Daily blog… we just needed someone to admin them and to set them up technically.

    Also, there is a Facebook group linked at the bottom where everyone talks about each show. Good feedback in the Facebook group.

    all the best,


    ps - Web 3.0 is about all the community stuff in Web 2.0 combined with experts/individual excellence…. at least that’s my version. :-)

  2. 2 Ben Cooper

    Now this is what I love about the current state of the web, that you’re able to find such comments from blogs such as this with ease.

    I know everyone uses Facebook these days (even the Gillmor Gang now appears to exist entirely on Facebook) but I’m a little concerned with their advertising model, given such comments from your buddy Nick Carr:

    Thanks for the comment,

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