Leopard impressions

I’ve just updated my MacBook to Leopard. A few quick impressions:

  • Time Machine’s initial backup takes much longer than a straight copy.
  • Spotlight’s initial indexing takes forever, although searching afterwards seems much quicker than in Tiger.
  • Software Update is broken. Somebody failed to put the catalog file on the update server:

Leopard Software Update bug  

  • DTrace is everywhere!

DTrace Activity Monitor

2 Responses to “Leopard impressions”

  1. felipe Says:

    Could you say something about the performance? what about the kernel? is it faster? Before they have said somethings about the greater resolution of more than 120 dpi, could you say something about that?

    I don’t know but I don’t seem very impressed with Leopard, there are some brush ups to the UI but if the kernel does not run pretty much faster than in Tiger I’ll be very disappointed.

  2. Ben Cooper Says:

    Hopefully we’ve answered your questions in the podcast posted here: http://bgcooper.com/2007/10/28/a-chat-with-ben-and-pete-episode-01/

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