Monthly Archive for August, 2007

My low-tech holiday, or: my internet detox

My wife and I are off for two weeks in the south island of New Zealand for sightseeing and skiing. Because we’re traveling in a camper van I’ve decided not to take my laptop. We’re going to get a prepaid SIM for phone purposes as international roaming is super expensive. I also don’t want to spend my holiday camped in internet cafes. This means the following:

  • No email
  • No tech news (stressful considering the pending Apple announcement)
  • No new podcasts
  • No photo uploads (I shoot in RAW)

I’m tempted to bring my E61i as it has wifi but I’m going to hold out on that one. Sounds like a healthy detox of clean air, beautiful scenery, sking and no internet. I may not survive.

Liveblogging the Apple Security update 2007-007

Now that we’re all , I thought I’d give the scoop on the latest security update from Apple.

Here we are at the update screen:

Security Update 007!

That’s a lot of updates. I’m installing just the security update here. I’ll click install and see what happens.


Downloading update. Very exciting.

Searching foor stuff

Doesn’t it know where my files are?

“Optimising” system performance

I think this is where software update sends my keychain to Apple. Things are getting very slow now.

Need to restart!

Need to restart. Wish me luck!