Third-party widgets affecting page loading times

I visited today and got the following message:

Flickr down

Seeing as that I have a number of third-party widgets located in my sidebar, the Flickr badge being one of them, I wondered how this would affect my page loading times. It was incredibly slow.

If any one of these widgets return results slowly it affects viewing experience. Granted this blog has very little traffic and only a few third-party widgets, and they still significantly affects my page loading performance, large blogs that rely on advertising, statistical and other such widgets could suffer badly if these affect browsing performance. You could read posts before the page is loading but I only like reading pages once the page has fully loaded.

It’s generally why I prefer reading most my my blogs in my RSS reader. Ads are being put in feeds these days, however.

Let’s have a look at the activity monitor for :


That’s a lot of third-party activity just to view the front page!

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